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The Dual-Brush Mascara You Never Knew you Needed

Achieve the shockingly long & voluminous lashes your deserve with this amazing mascara

The love between a girl and her mascara is a tale as old as time. From early teen years to longtime beauty lovers, the schoolgirl, the corporate professional, the creative and beyond. Whether you prefer astonishing lengths or incredible volume, fluttery lashes have the power to unleash an inner confidence to take on the world and Lash Cosmetics delivers you 2 looks in 1 with their dual-brush Vibely Mascara. Here’s 3 reasons why we love it!

Who doesn't Love Options?

Some girlies like to layer, some just love having options. No matter which side you fall, or even in the middle, Lash Cosmetics offers a revolutionary double brush design so you can enjoy two incredible looks. Go long and lean or thick and full, with Vibely Mascara’s integrated dual-brush design, cut back on the extra clutter (and tracking) of multiple mascaras for all your lash needs. 

All of the drama, none of the hassle

For the makeup lovers and glam gals who live for all the lash drama but applying fake lash strips are not on the lists of talents, rest assured you are not alone. Many find the task least favorable, but Vibely Mascar’s 4D Silk Fibers coat each and every lash, giving you a fuller, stunning look with lashes up to 5x thicker and longer. Don’t short yourself on an incredible makeup finish and highlight those eyes and make your features pop with Vibely Mascara!

Lashes that won't flake on you mid-day

A horror story for the ages: You’re having a fabulous makeup day, you rub your eye and suddenly you realize… Your mascara is smudged. You try to recover and clean it up but the flakes just keep flaking. The. Worst. Thankfully, Vibely Mascara has an innovative creamy formula that lengthens and lasts. Even better, it’s waterproof so you can confidently go from day to night-on-the-town and when the day is actually done, it easily removes with the gentle use of your favorite makeup remover!

As you can tell, there are many reasons to love Lash Cosmetics’ Vibely Mascara. But because products have absolutely overpromised and underdelivered before, Lash Cosmetics has you covered with a no questions asked return policy so you can try out the Vibely Mascara yourself for 30 days risk-free!

Ladies, right now Lash Cosmetics is having an incredible 50% Off Sale so your moment to try the Vibely Mascara is right now!