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A Mascara for Day & Night 

Give your eyelashes an upgrade day or night in just one swipe

What’s better than a combo? Two is always better than one. Instead of throwing 10 products into one makeup bag, we usually just bring our top favorite products in our purse. Now if you're the person who has multiple types of mascara- lengthening, primer, volume, etc in your bag, I have a solution for you. 

My co-worker’s lashes were longer than ever so I had to ask her what she was using. She was ecstatic to tell me it was the Vibely Mascara from Lash Cosmetics and gave me a whole rundown of what this mascara can do. This is what she said:

Whether you want a long and lean look or a thick and full look, this Vibely Mascara from Lash Cosmetics can give you both in one tube. This mascara is perfect for including in your purse throughout the whole day. One tube but two different looks. Long and lean is the way to go if you're going about your day on errands or even a lunch with the girls, a mascara designed using 4D silk fiber to elevate your natural lashes. Thick and full lashes are what you need on a date night out, a party, or if you just need that extra flare to your eyelashes. And the best part is you don’t need to touch up your lashes with this waterproof formula and no smudging, flakes or clumps!


Well, I was sold. I went on their website Lash Cosmetics and immediately bought one. They are currently having a semi-annual sale so I got mine for 50% off! Even better, they have a 30-day hassle free return and exchange policy! 

When my mascara arrived, I automatically put it on my bare lashes. Long and lean on one eye and full and thick on the other. “Wow,” I said out loud. Both of my eyes look fantastic so no matter the side I use, my eyelashes stand out. My lashes are finally long and have volume making my eyes pop and making my confidence sky-rocket. I can now just bring one mascara with me the whole day and switch up my eyelash look whenever I want. This Vibely Mascara vibes with my needs and wants!

I will absolutely be introducing this Vibely Mascara to all my girlfriends. Go get yours now before the rest of the world finds out about this mascara!