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$20 Lash Cosmetics Mascara VS $46 Tom Ford Mascara

Whether cosmetics or simply daily decisions, our natural instinct is to compare and contrast. Recently, I came across Lash Cosmetics by an influencer I follow and I needed to figure out if it’s a worthy purchase. As a makeup enthusiast, I love to try virtually any product I stumble across, especially something with a glimmer of hope to help transform my short lashes. The Vibely Mascara from Lash Cosmetics definitely caught my eyes... quite literally, because I couldn’t stop staring at the influencer’s eyes- haha. However, I also wanted to compare it to the Extreme Mascara by Tom Ford and see if it lives up to the price tag. So let’s see what the rave is about!

Lash Cosmetics

Vibely Mascara

I first went on their website Lash Cosmetics, home of the Vibely Mascara, and saw the original price of the mascara was $40, which is a little steep, but currently it's half off and has a risk-free 30-day return policy, so why not give it a try?

Upon delivery, I immediately opened the box and tried it on. I used my right eye for the Vibely Mascara and the left for the Extreme Mascara. The moment I put on the Vibely Mascara, I was SHOCKED!

Just like the website, my eyelashes became longer and had soooo much volume. There are two sides to this mascara with distinct brushes so you can alternate between thick/full or long/lean lashes. Another plus?  It is waterproof, absolutely perfect for long days. There were no smudges, flakes, or clumps with this creamy formula. I was completely in love. It was worth every penny. This will be my everyday mascara now! 

Now for the Extreme Mascara, I’ve heard mixed reviews and they do not lie. While it had good packaging and went on smoothly with no clumps, it was not long-lasting. The curls didn’t hold up well, it was a little flaky so hours later raccoon eyes would appear. For the price, this was not really worth the value and didn't fully hold up to my expectations. I cannot say I would buy this mascara again. 

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, and just like that, we have a clear winner! The Vibely Mascara from Lash Cosmetics. Don’t wait to get it while it’s on sale. A good mascara = a good day. 

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