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Your Lashes Could Be Suffering... Here's Tips to Treat Them to Some TLC

So you have a skincare routine, but do you have a lash routine? Between curling, extensions, falsies and mascara, our lashes take a beating from us. While lashes are constantly going through a cycle of growth and shedding, giving them extra TLC could bring about some stunning results. Here are a few ways you can condition and care for your lashes: 

Give Them A Good Cleaning

First things first: Take your mascara off at night! Falsies too. It can be tempting to not give lashes a thorough cleaning, or even skip them all-together, during your nighttime routine. However, throughout the day oil, dirt and makeup buildup on lashes and if you have extensions, this can weaken the adhesive and cause premature shedding. A fan favorite eye makeup remover: Coconut oil. 

Serums & Combing

Just like the hair on your head, lashes need conditioning and nourishment too. For this step, it’s user’s preference. From carefully crafted serums to castor oil and vitamin E to vaseline, there’s a variety of options to keep lashes moisturized. Take your eyelashes from dry and brittle to healthy and flexible; ready to withstand breakage for all your glamorous looks. 

As for the combing, not only will regularly combing lashes after applying conditioners help distribute product more evenly, but it will also help to separate them for an elongated look. 

Don't Be Afraid Of A Break

As the saying goes, too much of anything can be a bad thing and sometimes you gotta give it a rest. Taking breaks from makeup is essential to your skincare. Yes, that means just mascara too. Your lashes and skin will thank you.  

Our Final Thoughts

After giving your lashes the pampering the deserve, take them to stunning lengths and turn up the volume with Lash Cosmetics Vibely Mascara. Going back to the combing your lashes, the dual-brush system thoroughly separates and coats each lash for more definition and less clumping. With a gracious 30-day return policy, risk-free I might add, what’s not to love.