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Listen, it’s not our fault this mascara went viral and sold out twice but we’re not complaining. Ladies are obsessed and can’t get enough of this innovative formula that lengthens, lasts, and kicks a$$. Finally you don’t have to choose between wearing false lashes or buying mascaras that don’t deliver. The results are in and the numbers don’t lie. This mascara is changing the game in a HUGE way.

1. "Keep your standards high and your lashes long," said every woman ever.

As. They. Should. If you comb the beauty aisles and regularly spend your paycheck at Sephora looking for that miracle product, then let us let you in on a secret. Lash Cosmetics Vibely Mascara is THAT product. It’s time to experience for yourself what all the rage is about and upgrade your mascara for long-lasting, full, voluminous lashes that don’t flake or smudge. Still skeptical? Lash Cosmetics is so confident about this mascara that they endorse a generous 30 day risk-free policy so you can feel confident about taking the leap. I dare say, your new life goal may be a bank account as full as your eyelashes.

2. You’re jetting off somewhere magical and you can only pack one cosmetic. What do you choose?

 Chances are its mascara. It’s easily a staple in most peoples’ makeup bags and is the easiest way to give you a fresh face with minimal effort. So why not pack Vibely Mascara and really maximize your look on this fabulous trip you’re taking? Using 4D Silk Fibers to coat each lash, get a fuller look with lashes up to 5x thicker and longer! Do you know why women tend to go for mascara over anything else? It’s because it makes you look youthful, brings attention to your eyes, brightens and makes you look more awake, and does all of that in one convenient tube. Why not buy the best tube on the market?

3. The cherry on top of your glam look.

 If you love some lash drama but suck at applying fake lash strips, chances are you’re not alone. Most women find the task impossible, frustrating, and also annoying…not to mention costly. Like many women before you who maybe aren’t lucky enough to phone a friend when falsie trouble arises, this trending mascara really delivers. Some have even called it “lash extensions in a tube”. Speaking of lash extensions - while great in theory, not so great in real life. Sure they look great and make your girlfriends’ jealous. But more often than not, they severely damage your natural eyelash and that regrowth is unreal. So you do you, boo. But Vibely Mascara is sounding like a pretty great cherry.

4. Two brushes are always better than one.

 Every gal likes options. So why not have it in your mascara? Lash Cosmetics offers a revolutionary dual-end brush design so you can enjoy two incredible looks. Whether you’re the long and lean type or go full-stop thick, Vibely Mascara helps you achieve the perfect lash coating. And did you hear its waterproof? Confidently go from day to night-on-the-town with this creamy formula that lasts and is easily removed with your favorite makeup remover. Now go highlight those eyes and make your features pop! Beautiful lashes are just a blink away! #lashlife

With long lashes, you can take on the world. These other women already have. See what they had to say…


I absolutely love this product! It is very easy to use and it gives me two options in one. Depending on wear I’m going this mascara allows me to have a normal eyelash or a very sexy fancy eyelash. If you use the first one it gives a beautiful natural look which you can wear for your “every day look”. And when you go to use part two of the mascara it gives you a much longer and a much more defined fancy look.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Stacy


I was so tired of spending 30+ dollars on mascara, so decided to try this one. It is FABULOUS! It lasts all day and is easy to remove. The fullness and length it gives my thin lashes looks like falsies!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   D.L. 


I have only been using this for three weeks, and I like it so far. You have two choices....Natural type and Dense type, in one container. You only need to buy 1 container to get two thicknesses...Great idea!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   T.A.C.

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